OCP for Operators

Generating Success opportunities

OCP Funding Expertise - Operators

OCP has developed a trusted network of successful former corporate executives and business owners(“Operators”) with strong operating experience seeking to acquire and manage middle market companies. All members of the OCP executive network are qualified accredited investors with the ability to make a capital contribution to the transaction.

OCP will partner with the Operator to establish a Limited Liability Corporation as an acquisition vehicle. OCP will assist in sourcing acquisition targets within the Operators industry expertise.

Once a target is identified, the executive(s) with the appropriate industry expertise will partner with OCP in assessing the merits of the acquisition.

Before a transaction closes, the team has already built a transition plan, identified operational issues, and developed a long-term business strategy. From HR and legal to IT and finance, the team has the practical knowledge and experience necessary to help build out a company's infrastructure.

In most cases, we seek to retain the best management talent within the acquisition target and augment the team with members of our executive management network. Once this is done, we then empower company management to run the stand alone company.